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» Fluidised Aerobic Bio Reactor

Fluidised Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FAB) as the name indicates consists of floating media of cylindrical shapes and different sizes. As compared to conventional technologies FAB reactors are compact, energy efficient and user friendly.

Basic principle

Flock forming organisms form clusters or attach to available surfaces. The FAB  media provides a very large surface area ( 450 M2 per M3 volume ) which
-- Increases the specific volumetric capacity of activated sludge tanks
-- Controls biomass activity
-- Reduces operating cost

The clarified effluent enters into the FAB reactor, which contains the FAB media. The FAB media significantly increases the surface area for bacterial growth. Air is supplied through fine bubble diffusers. Bacteria oxidise the organic matter present in the sewage. Oxidised sewage overflows out of the FAB reactor, into the secondary settling tank.

Advantages using FAB Reactor:
Significant reduction in space requirement due to high surface area & loading rate of FAB media.
Reduced power and operating costs
No sludge recycle  required hence no sludge recycle pumps.

FAB Reactor is best suitable when
Designing a new waste water treatment plant, where operating cost & space  are constraints .
Upgrading of existing waste water treatment plants.
Operate plants in low temperature areas.
Reduce bulking problems in existing treatment plants.
Applications of FMR

I) Decentralised compact sewage treatment plants for Residential complexes,
     Hotels / Commercial Center’s / Office Premises / Industries and Rural


II) Industrial wastewater treatment from:

       Food & Beverage
       Pulp & Paper
       Dairy Production
Comparison of FAB Reactor vs. Conventional Activated sludge process


FAB Reactor

Conventional ASP

Space requirement

Reduced to one-third that of conventional ASP due to increase in surface area by special media.

Large area required

Aeration & clarifying tanks

Fabricated tanks offered by us.

Civil tank (to be built by client)


Easy for relocating in other camps

Fixed construction in civil cannot be moved.

Requirement of sludge

Sludge recycle is not required and hence no pumps.

Separate pumps required

Operation & Maintenance

Easy for operation and maintenance

Tedious for maintenance of MLSS and achieving the end quality

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