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» Grey Water Treatment

Grey water is collected separately in an underground tank. A screen of 10 mm opening is provided at
the inlet of the tank to remove the large suspended particles / debris from the waste stream.
Aeration is given to ensure that septic conditions do not occur. The grey water is then pumped to the aeration tank by using a submersible pump having cutter mechanism. This will reduce large sized particles to less than 2mm size.

In the aeration tank, chlorine is added to ensure chemical treatment of the waste water. Aeration of the waste stream not only ensures aerobic conditions, but continuous mixing of the effluent.


The aerated effluent is filtered using a Multigrade Pressure Filter to remove finer suspended solids prior to reuse.

Chlorination is added in the final collection tank too for final polishing.

Each grey water system will be slightly different, depending on the local policies and application.

Grey water Policy:
Recycle of treated grey water allows the use of water more than once, up to three times. There are many ways we can use grey water, which greatly improves our water saving ability. However, the use
of grey water should be as per local authorities’ approvals and health standards.
Don’t store treated grey water for long time.
Minimize contact with grey water
Infiltrate grey water into the ground, don’t allow it to pool up or run off (knowing the soil percolation rate of your soil and designing mulch basins will help with this)
Keep your system as simple as possible, avoid pumps, avoid filters that need upkeep.
Match your plants irrigation needs with the amount of grey water they’ll receive.
Use as per local authorities – Grey water policies differ from country to country and state to state.

Benefits of grey water – why use it?

Residential households can reduce consumption of fresh drinking water if they use grey water for some of their needs.
Reduces demand on drinking water which helps conserve water resources and reducing the discharge of effluent to waterways.
Cost saving benefit in using grey water over potable water.

Grey water is available all year round
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