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HYDROCHEM has cost effective high quality Sewage Treatment Plants with unique combination of lamella plate clarification / Tube Settler and aeration with fine bubble diffusers that provide ready-to-operate, pre-fabricated solution of outstanding performance and efficiency.


Primary settling:
Sewage initially enters the primary settling tank. The tank incorporates specially designed Tube Settler Media, which reduces the suspended solids by 75% and the BOD by 25%. This zone is maintenance-free as it contains no moving parts.

Aeorbic Treatment
The clarified effluent then enters the bio-reactor, which has an attached growth media like SAFF or FAB media and fine bubble diffuser membranes placed at the bottom of the tank. The SAFF / FAB media provides a large surface area for micro-organisms to attach themselves. These micro-organisms feed on the organic matter present in the effluent. The air bubbles help in thorough mixing of the liquid in the tank, besides providing vital oxygen.

Final Settlement
The treated effluent then moves to the secondary settling tank. This tank incorporates specially designed Tube Settler Media for setting finer particles.
Sludge pumps are provided to remove sludge from the settling tanks and transfer it to Sludge Drying beds or a sludge de-watering device like a filter press.

Post Treatment
The optional Tertiary Treatment includes equipments like chlorination for dis-infection and Multigrade Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter for removal of residual suspended solids, traces of organic materials, colour and chlorine.  

At the outlet, you will have high quality treated water for disposal / reuse.

HYDROCHEM Package STP features :
All-in-one single tank Sewage Treatment Plant
Virtually silent operation and odourless
Compact and simple to operate
High quality treated water
Minimal maintenance


HYDROCHEM Package STP Advantages:-
Minimal land usage
Low operating cost
Minimum power and chemical requirement
Easy to install, relocate and can easily expand
Significant Savings

Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Accommodation Centers, Housing Complexes, Townships, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls, Remote Camp Bases and Industrial Estates.

Please consult HYDROCHEM for your requirements of Sewage Treatment Plant.

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