Special Purpose Pollution Control/ Recycle Systems

» Paste Recycle Systems

Plate making is an important step in lead acid battery manufacturing process. Paste containing lead oxide, sulphuric acid, water and other additives is coated on lead grids in a pasting machine. During this process, a considerable quantity of paste is wasted in the form of slurry. Depending on the type of pasting machine, the slurry wastage ranges between 2% to 8%.

As a regular practice, this slurry is collected in a pit and allowed to settle. Some times equipments like centrifuge or filter press are used to remove water from the slurry. The resulting cake is generally sent to refineries for lead recovery.

HYDROCHEM have developed  “Paste Recovery & Recycle Systems” for battery industries. In this system, the waste slurry is collected without getting contaminated, re-conditioned and used back completely in paste making.

The advantages of HYDROCHEM Paste Recycle System are…

  1. Complete recovery & recycle of paste.
  2. Minimisation of pollution hazard due to lead.
  3. User friendly. Easy to operate.
  4. Great savings. Pay back periods of less than one year.
  5. Maintains quality of plates.
  6. Minimises human exposure to lead in pasting process.
  7. Turn Key installations undertaken.     

» On-Line Acid Dilution Plants

Sulphuric acid solutions of different concentrations ( gravities ) are used in battery making operations like pasting and plate formation. Different concentrations are also used for filling in batteries, depending on the type of batteries. 

All the above gravities are prepared by diluting 98% sulphuric acid with De-mineralised water. Dilution of 98% sulphuric acid is highly exothermic reaction and large quantity of heat is liberated during the dilution process. Further 98% sulphuric acid as well as its dilute solutions are hazardous and highly corrosive.
Thus, acid dilution is a tedious and hazardous process and the operators are continuously exposed to acid fumes.

HYDROCHEM have developed Automatic on line acid dilution plants, which offer the following benefits over conventional process.

  1. Fully automatic operation. PLC controlled.
  2. Acid dilution carried out in closed system. No acid fumes.
  3. Various acid grades can be prepared from one system.
  4. User friendly. Easy to operate.
  5. Turn Key installations undertaken.
  6. High level of accuracy in quality of product acid.
  7. Safe for operators.

» Plate Wash Water Recycle Systems

» Acid Recycle Systems