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Reverse osmosis is the latest, most convenient and safe technology used for water treatment.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a membrane separation process, where feed water under high pressure is passed through semi permeable membranes that allow water molecules to pass through and retain dissolved salts and other impurities. These retained impurities are discharged through a waste water stream.


A) Drinking Water Purification :-

Reverse osmosis units are used all over the world for producing pure water for drinking and cooking. Reverse osmosis is the most common method of desalination.
Hydrochem have wide range of Reverse osmosis based drinking water systems with capacities from few litres per hour to several cubic meters per hour.

B) Water for industrial use :-

Raw water available may contain hardness and other salts, organic contaminants, chlorine, turbidity and bacteria/viruses. These impurities can interfere with manufacturing process.
All these impurities can be removed by using HYDROCHEM reverse osmosis systems.

Hydrochem RO Systems:-

• Providing wide range of RO Plants at competitive price.
• High efficiency and lower cost attained through innovative technologies and best quality    components.
• Skid mounted RO plants for easy transportation, installation & shifting.
• Customised products to meet particular water needs.
• Semi-automatic and fully automatic units.
• Back-up with warranty & services.
• Municipal tap water RO Plants for raw water TDS Upto 3,000 ppm
• Brackish water RO Plants for raw water TDS Upto 10,000 ppm
• High Brackish water RO Plants for raw water TDS Upto 20,000 ppm.

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