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Ultra filtration is a latest , the most convenient and economic technology used for water purification.

Ultra filtration :

Ultra –filtration is a membrane filtration process, where feed water under pressure is passed thru a membrane filter having very small process that allow water molecules and dissolved salts to pass thru and retain sub micro size colloidal particles ,bacteria and viruses. Them retained impurities and discharged them a waste water stream.


A) Drinking water purification:

Ultra filtration units are widely used for dirking water purification ,where removal of dissolved salts from raw water is not required, typical applications include treatment of municipal tap water for removal of organic chemical, bacteria and viruses.

Hydrochem have range of ultra filtration based water purifier with application
From few liter per hour to several cubic meters per hour.

B) TO produce purified water for pharme application :

Pharmaceutical industries need purified water conforming to USP 28 requirements .
Ultra filtration, used after the dm plant offers an economical
Option for getting treated water having TOC contact of less then 500 less PPB nad nil indotoxins and prison.

c) colloidal silica removal from high pressure boiler feed water:

ultra filtration is very useful for removal of colloidal silica from feed water for high
pressure boilers used for power generation.
Installation of ultra filtration after mixed bed polisher unit,greatly redces the silca
Deposits on steam turbines and super heater tubes,

D)Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants:

Ultra –filtration is widely used as a pre treatment to reverse osmosis plant for removal of colloidal partials and large molecule organic chemicals. Use of ultra filtration as a pre-tratment prevents fouling of RO membranes the ro plant.

Hydrochem ultra-filtration systems

-wide range of uf plants for various applications
-skid mounted unites for easy transportation, installation and shifting
-customized products to meet particular water need.
-capacities ranging from few liters per hour
-Best quality uf membranes ,allow fiber as well as spiral wound type
-semiautomatic and fully automatic operation.
-back with warrant and services

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