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» Water Treatment Chemical

            Excellent water quality is essential for protecting significant asset investments in the
            utility and process areas, in addition to meeting regulatory and water treatment
            objectives. HYDROCHEM have vast experience in these areas.

       The three main goals of Water Treatment Chemicals:-

  • Optimize water usage and improve quality of water.
  • Maintain efficiency and extend life of utility plant.
  • Ensure environmental compliance.


Treatment Solutions

Boiler Water Treatment

Softening Agents


Catalysed Oxygen Scavengers


Condensate line corrosion inhibitors


Sludge Conditioners


All Volatile Treatments


Multipurpose Treatments


Cooling Water Treatment

Scale Inhibitors


Corrosion Inhibitors


Biocides – oxidizing & Non oxidizing


Antifoulants & Antifoams.


Multipurpose Treatments.


Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Antifoams & Antiscalants.


Acid and Alkali cleaners


Preservatives & Biocides



Wastewater Treatment

Special purpose Bacterial cultures.




Synthetic Flocculants.


Lead Precipitators.


Chrome Neutralisers.


Fluoride Precipitators.


Speciality Chemicals

Preservatives for metal working coolants.


Corrosion inhibitors for chilled water systems.


Corrosion inhibitors for DG set primary cooling system.




Acid inhibitors & Descaling compounds.


Oil dispersants


Swimming pool chemicals


Silica deposit removers.

HYDROCHEMRange of Chemicals

HYDROCHEM has extensive range of follwoing Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals. Please consult us for complete solution and competitive pricing.

Water Treatment Chemicals
Lime powder.
Alum & Poly Aluminium Chloride.
Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Hydroxide
Hydrochloric Acid
Sulfamic acid descalants.
Hydrogen Peroxide.

Bleaching powder / High potency Chlorine Powder
Sodium Hypochlorite

Water Treatment Media
Ion Exchanger Resins
Activated Carbon – Granules & Powder.
Pebbles, Gravels, Silex & Filter Sand media.

Colour and Odor Removal
Ferrous Sulfate
Activated Carbon

Heavy Metal Removal
Lead Precipitators.
Chrome Neutralisers.
Ion Exchange Resins.

Algae Control
Copper Sulfate

Corrosion Control
Poly Phosphate

Coagulants and Flocculants
Aluminium Sulfate
Ferrous Sulfate
Ferric Chloride
Poly Aluminium Chloride (Pac)
Aluminium Chloro Hydrate
Poly Electrolyte

Please contact HYDROCHEM for your water treatment chemicals.

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