Water Treatment Plants

» Deionisation

A De-ioniser (DI) or De-mineralizer (DM) removes minerals from the raw water by an ion-exchange method.
A Demineralization Plant consists of two pressure vessels containing cation and anion exchange resins. Various types of ion exchange resins can be used for both the cation and the anion process, depending on the type of impurities in the water and what the final water is used for. The cation resin operates in the hydrogen cycle and the anion resin operates in hydroxyl cycle.
The raw water first passes thru the cation exchanger, where, cations present in raw water (i.e. calcium, magnesium and sodium) are replaced with hydrogen ions.
The water then passes through the anion exchanger, where, anions present in raw water (i.e. chloride, sulphate, nitrate, bicarbonates and silica ) are replaced with hydroxide ions.

The treated water coming out of the anion exchanger contains very low concentration of dissolved salts, which is indicated by its low electrical conductivity.

If treated water of very low conductivity ( less than 1 micro-siemens/cm.) is desired, a Mixed Bed polisher unit containing a mixture of cation and anion resins is used as a polishing unit after anion exchanger.

The HYDROCHEM DM plants use the most modern ion-exchange engineering to produce chemically pure water. Our DM plants have the following advantages:
• Provide pure process water of required quality, year after year.
• Our DM Systems have durable resins of the highest quality
• They have in-built conductivity meter to monitor product quality.
• They are easy to operate.
• Virtually no maintenance.


HYDROCHEM DM plants are useful for industries like :-
• Chemicals
• Electronics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Researches technology
• Distilleries
• Surface cleaning
• Paints
• Hospitals
• Laboratory
• Battery manufacturing
• High pressure boiler

DI – Electro-Deionization Systems

Electro-Deionization systems are designed to produce ultra pure permeate water suitable for most electronics, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical applications. HYDROCHEM EDI systems offer a compact, modular, and reliable solution for production of ultra pure water without the need for chemical regeneration.
HYDROCHEM EDI systems are very useful in producing ultra pure water required by Pharmaceutical industries, where, it is used after single pass or two pass Reverse Osmosis plants.

» Filtration

» Disinfection

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