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HYDROCHEM have a range of filtration systems suited for various flow rates and efficiencies, pressure rates, dirt holding capacities, polishing requirements, authority approvals, operational options and investment costs. The products include Multigrade Filters, Multimedia Filters, Activated Carbon Filters and Iron Removal Filters that can provide clean filtered water for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These filters are available in different MOCs like mild steel epoxy painted, mild steel rubber lined and composite FRP.

Multigrade Filters

Multigrade filters are used for removal of turbidity and suspended solids of as low as 10-20 micron size. The filter bed is specially designed to have following layers of under-bed and filter media.

1st layer – Gravel Support bed
2nd layer – Coarse Pebbles
3rd layer – Medium size Pebbles
4th layer – Small Pebbles
5th layer – Fine Silex
6th layer – Mixed Filter Sand

The advantages offered by Multigrade filters are higher filtration rates (15-30 Mtrs/Hour) as compared to conventional pressure sand filters (8-12 Mtrs/Hour) and higher dirt holding capacity besides better filtered water clarity.

Activated Carbon Filters :-

Activated carbon filters are used for removal of dissolved organic chemicals, colour, odour and free chlorine from raw water.
Activated carbon filters are also used for removal of residual BOD/COD, organic impurities, colour and free chlorine from treated waste waters in the tertiary treatment plants.
Various grades of granular activated carbon media are available for different applications from drinking water filtration to effluent treatment.

Iron Removal Filters :-

High Iron content in underground water is a common problem in various parts of world. High iron levels in raw water result n blocked nozzles and sprinklers, clogged drippers and pipelines and dark stained all over the water systems.
Generally iron is present as soluble iron in underground waters. However as the water is pumped out, iron slowly precipitates as dark brown colored insoluble ferric hydroxide.

HYDROCHEM Iron removal systems consist of two parts:-
• Chemical dosing to oxidise and precipitate iron.
• Filtration

Micron Filters :-

A very large range of micron filters is available with HYDROCHEM. The cartridges of various micron ratings (0.1 micron to 100 micron) are available in variety of types like woven , resin bonded , pleated and etc.
The filter housings are available in variety of materials like plastic, stainless steels, MSRL etc

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